Apollo helmet has a strong durable frame that provides optimum work safety. It is also equipped with oxygen supply that ensures comfortable and safe use for the operator.

The Apollo technology improves the work process, ensuring ease of operation due to its special features:

The replaceable inlet connector guarantees a longer life of the helmet in case of wear The visor sheath is very wide in order to protect the top of the helmet from abrasive dust

The washable lining inside, on the neck, makes the helmet cleaning easy and fast

The fixing strip of the helmet, wrapping around the bottom edge of the cap, can be easily closed with a buckle locking the helmet for maximum user safety

The helmet can be adjusted through a comfortable knob It is suitable for heavy blasting jobs, including in confined areas.

CPF20 filter is designed to eliminate moisture and water (or oil) vapour and particles up to 0.5 micron in the breathing air generated by the compressor.

This unit can provide filtered air to the user of the fed helmet during the entire blasting work.


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