Vintage car and bike restoration

From the comparative tests and the appraisals carried out by the main automobile constructors, the IBIX Eco blasters have turned out to be the most effective equipment for the removal of rust and the mechanical sanding in the car body sector. Thanks to the precise regulation of pressure and of the abrasive, the IBIX Eco blaster is extremely effective in the selective removal of old coatings and rust, and in the sanding of the coated metal surfaces without deforming the panels.

The surface mechanically cleaned or "sanded" using the IBIX system is perfectly prepared and ready to be varnished and therefore, it no further operations are required.
The IBIX system is ideal to prepare alloy rims before they are varnished
The IBIX Eco-blaster plus IBIX ART inert material is usually used as a "powder sander" by specialists and fans of vintage car and bike restoration. It removes rust and old coatings so that the bodywork is ready to be revarnished.
For vintage car and bike restoration, the IBIX equipment used with bicarbonate of soda restores their original brightness to engine parts (removal of carbonisation), chrome plating, etc., since it removes scales and grease, and cleans surfaces leaving no scratches or an opaque look.


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