Inert Materials for Blasting Equipment

CarbonArt® Z5/Z6 is an inert material that the IBIX technical team selected in collaboration with experts in monument restoration.

After laboratory and worksite testing it proved to
be one of the most effective and less invasive materials for cleaning stone, brick and lithotypes in general.

CarbonArt® contains calcium carbonate in two grain sizes that IBIX® selected specifically for cleaning works of art. Very fine, homogeneous grain size and rounded morphology, as well as the purity of the extremely white material are features certified by analyzing every production batch.

These characteristics, plus Mohs hardness lower than 3, make CARBONART® an excellent product for cleaning stone elements and especially delicate old brick on monumental works defaced by soot, black crusts, carbonizations in general, air-borne particles and saline efflorescence.


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