Surface Coating

The Flame Spray Technology is the only system which can apply powders on site and with no need for a coating line (oven, spray booth or fluidised bed equipment).

What is Thermoplastic Polymer Flame Spraying?

The deposition of semi-molten polymer particles onto heated surface whereby process heat causes the particles to flow and coalesce into a complete cohesive polymer coating.

Benefits offered by the Flame Spray Technology

  • Long Term Anticorrosion Protection (antiosmotic protection, electric insulation, chemical resistance);
  • System usable in any weather condition (hot or cold weather, rain – if the item is protected against direct rain);
  • One-step application cycle;
  • Fast turnaround: immediate use of the coated items;
  • No overspray - no need to protect equipment, vehicles etc.;
  • No risk to damage plants, vehicles, pedestrians, etc.;
  • Ecologic system;
  • Easy touch up;
  • Easy repair.

Application Procedure

The application procedure may vary depending on the kind of substrate which needs to be coated.

Please, refer to our folder New FAQ document about Tecno Supply Flame Spray Coating Technology  for all details on the Flame Spray application procedure.

Main Features of Thermoplastic Coating Powders

Thermoplastic coating powders can be applied by Flame Spraying because they only need to melt and they do not need to cross-link.

They provide long-term corrosion and abrasion protection, ensuring:

  • Barrier to vapours, liquids and chemicals (excellent chemical resistance).
  • Electrical insulation - very high dielectric strength which provides anticorrosion.
  • Flexibility
  • Elongation at break (500 to 800%);
  • No cracking; no flaking;
  • Performance unchanged from -70°C to +70°C or +100°C (depending on the polymer used).
  • Thicker coatings
  • Anticorrosion barrier;
  • Excellent edge and weld coverage;
  • “Warm” and “good grip” effect;
  • Mechanical impact resistance (very resilient coatings, soft enough to absorb shocks and impact with no chipping).
  • Ecological - Environmentally friendly
  • No VOCs, no plasticisers, no isocyanates, no TIGCs etc.
  • Superior Salt Spray Resistance
  • Unscribed substrate: more than 20,000 hours;
  • Scribed substrate: (underfilm corrosion):
  • 0 to 0.5 mm from scribe;
  • Loss of adhesion (to ASTM D3359A): zero.
  • Excellent UV Resistance
  • Very good for outside applications;
  • Resistant to marine environments.
  • Food Contact
  • Low toxicity;
  • FDA and EU food contact approvals

Fields of Application

The Flame Spray Technology can be applied in several industrial fields.

See the following sheets to find out more about our machines and their potential applications.